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Founded more than 50 years ago, Artenafex is known as a diversified company finding solutions even in the most complex situations.

Due to a wide machine line, qualified employees and strict quality
control, we serve practically all industrial sectors.

Among our product line includes:

• Industrial pressed and needled felts in several fiber thicknesses, densities and compositions, such as wool, polyester, polypropylene, aramid and others.
• Technical felt parts, such as rings, discs and strips of regular and
irregular shapes, incorporating details such as self-adhesive and
special resin impregnation properties.
• Filter elements for gases and  liquids

• Synthetic belts and nonwoven rolls for coolant oil filtration
• Felts in blankets or technical parts for thermal and sound insulation
for electronics and home appliances
• Aramid belts for transporting materials in high temperatures
• Aramid felts for protecting and handling extruded aluminium profiles

Rua Ricardo Cavatton, 201 - 05038-110 - Lapa - São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3616-5407 - Fax: +55 11 3616-5406 - artenafex@artenafex.com.br